Tuesday, April 28, 2009

time on my hands

Today is the only day with Nothing written in that little white box in the calendar marked April 28, 2009. I could have written that Bug has a playdate after school, but since that technically adds to my day instead of making it busier, I left it off. Does anyone else find themselves marking time by the expiration dates on the milks at the grocery? I bought some today marked May 12, which has set off alarms in me concerning Pook's May 10th birthday. May is just around the corner and that means Busy. I keep answering Yes to all the end-of-year needs. I'll regret it, but right now they all seem feasible. I know, in the back of my mind, that with Bug's school letting out earlier this year (May 12!!) I'm going to go crazy as it all finishes up.

I'm posting some photos here of my downstairs half bathroom. This is what happens when I actually do have free time. It isn't often. I started the mural the first day that Pook attended his Parents Morning Out program in the fall of 2002. And I just got back to it.

The parrot had been "perched" on the glass shelf that is now above the toilet and by the palm tree. Ever since the shelf was moved, he has levitated. For about six years. The boys have recently colored additional parrots for the walls, the one visible by the palm tree is one of Pook's.

The fish were under the sink happily swimming until some drywall was repaired by the toilet, disturbing their ocean a bit. The white has never been repainted because, well, drywall is white so it hardly shows. Their swimming area is smaller now, but they haven't complained. I like that in about fish, even the live ones.

This winter a day arose, somewhat like today, with Nothing on the calendar. Except, unlike today it was cold. Today has been mostly about gardening. Different post. On that particular day, I got it in my head that the parrot needed a perch. That day. And this is what came of that free time.

Now I have a tree for my parrot to sit upon. And a vine because the tree needed a vine. But now the vine needs leaves. And flowers. And if it has flowers they should be trumpet flowers so then I can add a hummingbird.

I will finish before they graduate from high school. You heard it here.


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