Wednesday, April 8, 2009

tent camping in the arctic

It is snowing. We noticed it when suddenly the sun came out and drew our attention to the window.

The temps in Georgia are supposed to be incredibly low this week. The boys postponed their trip to avoid the predicted freeze Tuesday but tonight is supposed to be below forty still. I can hear the whining now as they get up and have to climb out of their sleeping bags. Or bag, since I'm betting they climb in with their dad to stay warm.

I haven't helped much with the preparations for this trip. I asked for a grocery list and I bought exactly what they requested (including food for three breakfasts for two mornings...) I will offer up any warm blankets they want (probably all of them). I washed all the dirty laundry they had.

Bug is concerned that I won't get to roast marshmallows with them. I'm concerned that CD will be out of his mind when they return, exhausted from no sleep and coping with tired and cold kids.


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