Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Bug has strep. I liked him a lot more when he was just miserable and sick, yesterday. I snuggled him, read to him, played with him, kissed his hot head. Today, now that I know how contagious he is, I'm avoiding him. I'm not eager to sit too close. I'm not really wanting to breathe his breath. I watched him lick off the sticky handle of his fork at lunch and made a mental note to wash hands carefully after touching it. I don't want to make him as paranoid as I am, but I keep asking him to wash up or use magic soap when he coughs or blows his nose. I'm watching everything he touches so I can wash it all later- cups, blankets, markers.

Twenty four hours on antibiotics means he can go to school late tomorrow, but still attend. Both Monday and Tuesday he's been out of school anyway for parent conference days at the preschool and both he and I are getting restless being home together. He only has fifteen more days of school (they finish earlier this year-- May 12!) and I need to make the most of that time. I don't want to spend any of them sick either!

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  1. I hope he's better soon.

    p.s. I have a preschooler (girl) we often call Bug as well.