Friday, April 24, 2009

it's all about the knees

Pook: I'm not sure how my glasses will look with shorts.
Me: Then don't wear them on your knees.

Bug: I only have pants with holes in the knees.
Me: Then wear shorts.
Bug: Then I'll get holes in my knees!

We, like most of the nation, just got Summer. Today. We've been faking it for a while, wearing sandals and a fleece on the same day, packing up the warm coats and then unpacking them. We had two or three warm days in January and it was enough that I started going through the boxes of hand-me-downs to see who could wear what. Pook has five drawers in his dresser, so I added the shorts and removed half the sweaters/sweatshirts. Bug has four drawers so his got crowded as I added them. Then came the questions every morning, "Shorts or pants? Long sleeves or short sleeves?" I'd check the forecast and we'd settle, most mornings, on pants with short sleeves plus a sweatshirt or light jacket in the morning.

I was eager for Bug to wear shorts because he, truly, has no pants without holes. Even Easter Sunday he was a bit more holy than he should have been. (I never get chances to use puns, or if I do I never think of them in time, so just chuckle and let me get by with it please! And, when you type a pun, do you type the original word or the pun? I'm ruining it. I know.) Pook has grown two sizes this school year, not giving him much time to wear his clothes out. (And, no, they'll never fit Bug because Pook is much skinnier.) Bug also has more shorts than there are days of summer. I let him choose a pile from the boxes of hand-me-downs and I'll give the rest away.

We're going cabin camping at Fort Mountain State Park this weekend. There will be creek splashing. I know because there is always creek splashing when there are boys and creeks. We once spent a whole vacation just throwing rocks into creeks when Pook was two and I was pregnant with Bug. The kids will be muddy and wet, so I've tried to pack for that reality. There are many choices of water shoes for Bug to pick among, but none that truly fit Pook. (Again, that growing thing.) We'll put the weather to the test and enjoy the weekend, wet, muddy and hopefully without any new holes in the knees.


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