Thursday, March 27, 2008

welcome friends and most

Welcome everyone! I discovered that my blog is in my husband's Google Reader list. We share a computer at home, so I'm not exactly surprised. Hi Sweetie! You've been outed! (Or is it me who has been outed?) Anyway, I've decided to share my blog with friends. Out of town friends who I am unlikely to want to write about. I haven't invited my mom, other family, or local friends. Not sure why I'm feeling bashful about this, but I am. So, don't go telling my mom to read this. I'm sure I'll want to write about her sometime if you do. My sister for sure, and I can't rant about my darling husband now anyway, can I? So, if you are one of those friends, known in my email address book as "Old Friends" (sorry), then welcome.

I've always been a writer. If Northwestern U. had accepted me that early admission date in the darkages, I would have been a journalism major. They didn't. I became a psychology major instead, at another school. Why not a journalism major there? You ask too many questions. I don't know. I was eighteen.

Occasionally I pick up a pen and write about amusing events in my life. I emailed lots of people on the day I caught my lawn mower on fire (sorry, no copy around) and I try to share funny anecdotes when I update our website. When I got involved as an early Parent Hacker, Asha tried to convince me to start a blog of my own. I procrastinated for a few years. Honestly, did I need something else to take up my time? But I gave in this winter and decided to try it. Immediately some of the bloggers who had read my comments on their own blogs followed me and left comments for me. Intermittent positive reinforcement. (I said I was a psych major.) And so, here I am. Welcome.

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  1. Nice to see you in the blogosphere. I've been blogging nearly daily for about 5 years and am a definite addict. I, too, have been somewhat reluctant to reveal my identity to those who know me in real life for a variety of reasons. More recently, I've been letting people know here and there. You should be able to figure out who's behind the pseudonym easily enough!