Tuesday, March 25, 2008

spring in the south

It is the day after this year's early Easter and the Bradford pear trees are blooming in Atlanta. And the plum, cherry and crab apple. Forsythia is sending up golden yellow sprays. The azaleas are starting to come out. Apartment and corporate landscapes have red tulips. The city is wrapped in white, pink and purple. But the trees are also beautiful when they lose their blossoms. They float in masses through the air, settling in corners and sprinkling the grass with white. Once I stood in awe in the preschool parking lot - might have been with Pook - and scooped up handfuls, throwing them into the air.

I noticed them this morning as lovely blossoms flew gracefully around the yard and in sweeps across the sidewalks and roads. I sighed and thought of my poor Northern friends as they were shivering in yet more snow. I left the house, feeling cheerful and optimistic about spring, and I went to go pick up Bug at preschool.

Oh, how beautiful! More blossoms falling all over my car as I drove through the neighborhood. No. My windshield was getting wet. From flower petals? No. From snow.

Humbled, I picked up Bug. As I waited for him to fasten his seatbelt, the sun returned and a billow of pale petals blew across the parking lot. Ah. Spring in the South.

*** This photo was taken one week later at the preschool parking lot. It was a dreary, rainy day, but those pink snowflakes sure do make for beautiful snow!


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