Friday, March 14, 2008

bunny baskets

Bug gets in the car after preschool and starts his monologue. Since Pook is usually a one word answering kid about school, I love hearing Bug tell me all of his day. Today it was talk about Easter. He tells me all about "Jesus and the Bad Guys". The "bad guys wanted to be in charge so they didn't like Jesus and made him carry a cross a really long time and he got sweaty and bloody and stuff." Oh. Ok. Then he brings up the Easter Bunny. They are having an egg hunt this Friday. That way they can celebrate St. Patrick's Day on Monday and have no school Wed. or Fri. next week. (Oh, lucky me!)

"The Easter Bunny is coming." he says. Brief pause... then, "Is the Easter Bunny real?"
Oh my. His brother hasn't asked me that one yet. Yikes. Think quick...
"I guess he has to be a person because that would be impossible-- a bunny holding an Easter basket. Can I play with my light saber when we get home?"

Saved by impatience this time.


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