Friday, March 7, 2008

candy holidays

"So, what is the next Candy Holiday, Mama?" Pook likes to ask me questions that I'm sure he knows. I'm not sure if this is just to verify his knowledge, to see if I know, or to drive me crazy. When they're little we do it all the time: What color is this? What is Daddy's real/grownup name? I quiz them on lots of things I already know. Maybe he's just doing that to me. Maybe he just wants to drive me crazy. But what the heck is a "candy holiday" anyway? Have we reclasified the holidays? Clearly some are more important to Pook than others, and I believe the reason can be deduced from the question. Perhaps I should cut down on the candy consumption to make it less of a focus on holidays. We'd barely finished Christmas candies when I got sucked in by Valentine's Day and bought them each a little heart shaped box I filled with chocolate pretzels. (Melt a Hershey's Kiss on top of a pretzel and plop an M&M on that after it starts to melt. Yum. But I digress.) Hmm. I'll play along. Candy Holidays....

(Easter is next. It comes really early this year, in March.)
"Nope! You're wrong! St. Patrick's Day comes next!"
He's thrilled to catch me in error. But I'm not wrong. I correct him.
(No, St. Patrick's Day is mostly just to wear green. There's no candy.)
"Oh yes! You do get candy for St. Patrick's Day! The Leprechaun hides chocolate coins for you to find!"
(Uh... I see. Well, I don't think he hides them at our house. It must be a school thing....)

Did I get out of that successfully?


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