Friday, May 31, 2013

late bloomers

This morning I asked Bug to go water the tomatoes and cucumbers, telling him he could also use the new fancy camera to take some pictures of things in bloom.  He "didn't wanna" so I asked Pook to do it, while also pointing out to Bug that the next chore coming up was laundry assistance and he wouldn't be able to take a pass on it. Suddenly he wanted to do the plants.  Oh well. Too late.

Here are some pictures of our late bloomers as taken by Pook. A few azaleas are still finishing with late blooms, and the day lilies will follow close behind the iris this year.  I seem to have not taken any pictures of the iris, which is a shame because they looked really good. Unfortunately they looked really good just as school was about to end and life was too busy for photos of flowers. I believe the same thing happened to the columbine, although it didn't give a spectacular show this year.

The roses by my front door have bloomed in time for Mother's Day for more than a decade. They're just opening, here at the end of May. There is also a baby pink which isn't quite ready for the camera.

The Knock Out roses opened on schedule and look nice. I love those back-of-store bargains! Maybe I can find a third this summer. These are enjoying a visitor, showing just at the bottom of the photo.

Spiderwort may be a thug for some, but it has barely spread here. I like its angularity against all the gentle curves in a garden. Plus, I'm a sucker for bold purples.

My daisies are amazing. I tried to establish them for several summers without success-- against my general policy of not inviting plants back if they can't care for themselves. Finally I found the right bloom and they've spread into a thicket I can only cut apart with the hatchet. I've spread them around the yard and have begun giving them away to anyone interested. They will bloom all summer without fail. I even had one blooming in December.

This last picture shows daisies in the foreground (barely) with spirea in full bloom and spiderwort showing in the back.  Pook was very proud of this shot. He experimented with the focus while helping me out and came up with variations on many of the photos.


  1. Outstanding photography!

    We've had so much rain, everything in the yard looks GREAT! My roses have never looked better. Hope this cool weather lasts for several more weeks (months!).

  2. These pictures are beautiful! Everything's blooming even later here in Wisconsin, so I feel like you've given me a little peek into the future.