Tuesday, May 28, 2013

gonna go?

Sometimes you know you're doing too well to be really doing well. I've been juggling so many things and been pretty impressed with my ability to keep everything straight and deal with everything as it has come. I took a great big breath when school finished last Thursday because that was the end of much of my to-do list. Baseball is done, school is done. The kitchen is not done. The church playground is not done. The swim team executive board is easing up but ongoing, the vacation to Washington DC is.... oh crap.

I woke up this morning knowing that something was wrong. The best I could do right away was write "check on vrbo" on my long to-do list.  Sometime between "The workmen are running late" and "I'm bored" and "He did it" and "I'm hungry" and "The check engine light is on" I finally got to the computer to see why I had this uncomfortable feeling about our trip.  

I can't find any information anywhere that I've sent a deposit to anyone. The best I can find is a confirmation from six weeks ago that the rental property was available for the requested dates. I took a deep breath and emailed the owner. She was incredibly prompt, but didn't give the answer I wanted. No, I had never actually reserved the property. No, it was no longer available.

I panicked for a few minutes, then I sent the kids out of the room. I took a few deep breaths. I got chocolate. I took a few more deep breaths.  Then I got back on the vrbo website and started hunting. Right now I've got two available places, both more expensive than the first, but acceptable. I've sent requests for availability and price to five others. We will have a summer vacation. It will happen. I will even have a chance to relax. Right?

Pook just asked me if I'd ever wondered if maybe I volunteered for too many things. Perceptive kid.


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