Friday, June 7, 2013

mucho bueno

The electrician tells me my kitchen is mucho bueno. I think he's right!  Our final inspection is coming soon and the appliances are up and running. That means we have convenient running water (never, ever underestimate running water!), a garbage disposal and dishwasher, an oven that heats, and even a stove all properly vented to the outside. There are plenty of unfinished details, but there is clear light at the end of the tunnel.

There has been great discussion about what we will cook in our kitchen first. We're seriously tired of cooking everything in the microwave. I've purchased some baby red potatoes at our farmers market, so I'm planning to make a potato salad today for the first use of the cooktop. The top choices for the oven are blueberry cobbler and bacon. Either one would give it a good smell! In honor of a working oven, I am polling my dear readers. What should we cook? Any suggestions beyond these can be left in the comments!

First Food in New Oven?


  1. Bacon will spatter your pristine oven with grease......wait awhile.
    Come borrow my cookie sheets (or we will go shop for your new ones) and make cookies with the boys.

  2. Obviously the solution is to make a blueberry cobbler with bacon in it. Win-win! I'm pretty sure the blueberries' anti-oxidants will cancel out bacon.