Tuesday, June 18, 2013

mental status

I told CD the other day that I was two bricks shy of a retaining wall. Then I realized just how apt that phrase was as a description!

I started building this dang wall just about the time the work started on our kitchen. Since then either it has rained and made the steep slope inaccessible, or I've had plans requiring a morning shower, and then been unwilling to get hot and muddy later in the day. I've gone to the store for additional bricks already, but still find myself two bricks short.  It may never be done.

Paralleling this wall project is the kitchen project. We've been "almost done" for two weeks now. At least. I keep postponing photos because I'd rather wait until all the cabinetry is complete. And it.will.never.happen. There is still a hole in the wall where an outlet is not going in after all. There is molding missing from the ceiling here, the floor there, the cabinetry somewhere else. A few cabinet doors were the wrong size and got reordered. All little stuff. I swear, if they'd just put in an eight hour day once or twice, they could be done!

Thinking positively, the ugly tree roots exposed after the last ivy removal are no longer visible from the house. The wall is doing its job, finished or not. I can't fill it in with dirt because I've learned that roots rot when uncovered roots become covered. It was suggested that I put a larger brick row on top to make seating.  Possible.

The kitchen is usable. It has a stove, oven, sink, garbage disposal, dishwasher... all the good stuff. It has a counter, some cabinets and most of a floor. Nothing to complain about. Just two bricks shy.


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