Monday, June 28, 2010

our own time zone

We just had a wonderful week in West Virginia with my extended family.  We chose West Virginia, not because anyone in our family lives there, but because no one does.  We looked at various locations between Pittsburgh and Tampa and had a vote.  I voted against north Georgia.  If CD was going to take a week off work I wanted to make it a real trip to somewhere we couldn't go for a weekend.

Pook Googled the directions for us and CD confirmed his choice.  There were three options on the map.  We chose to drive through Asheville, NC  instead of Charlotte, SC.  The estimated time was seven hours thirty minutes for both routes.

Yeah, right.  Our family does not follow Google Time on trips.  We try, honestly we do.  We got off to a good early start and drove our little hearts out... until lunch.  But then we stopped in Asheville for lunch.  CD and I have had several weekend trips there, and I've said I won't move anywhere away from Atlanta, unless it is to Asheville. We love the city.  We found a parking meter available at noon on a Monday, and took it as fate that there would be a restaurant nearby.  And there were three.  One had a twenty minute wait, one served only burgers and nachos, and one was perfect.  The kids shared a three-cheese and sun-dried-tomato-pesto sandwich grilled with sourdough bread and served with incredible sweet potato fries.  CD had to feed the meter.  Lunch was an hour.

But we still cannot account for our other hour.  The only other stops were for gas and bathrooms.  We arrived, as we always do on long trips, two hours later than estimated.  Google plus two.

And coming home?  Same thing.  Different reasons probably, but the same results.


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