Tuesday, June 29, 2010

how does your garden grow?

I start taking pictures of my yard and suddenly I notice jobs that need to be done.  Magnolia leaves are like leather and never decompose.  Layers of ancient magnolia leaves can be dug out still intact.  The large size makes them a hindrance to water absorption, serving as small pools or as gutters leading water away.  So, ignore all the magnolia leaves and just look at the riot of flowers in my sidewalk garden.
Coneflowers, primarily purple but with at least one in gold, share the space with daisies.  I reintroduced the Becky daisy last summer and it has taken off well.  Unfortunately, the Black Eyed Susans are hard to find this year and will need to be encouraged.  A full area of the three is the ultimate goal.  Purple Heart and Lambs Ear fill the low spaces.  (And a couple of cherry tomato plants hide out too.)

Other petals are found in surprising places.  A Black Eyed Susan has chosen the crevice between the fence and driveway.  I will let it remain.  A six foot specimen which requires some research to name is blooming in our wooded area across the sidewalk.  Other than filling it all in tighter, this is a great year for the daisy-like blooms.

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  1. I planted Black-Eyed Susans once again this summer. They rabbits have eaten every single one. When will I learn?