Thursday, June 3, 2010

is there life in the outer world while I'm stuck here?

The internet is down. I’m stir crazy. What super-important-can’t-wait-until-later-without-the-world-coming-to-an-end-email is awaiting me? What has happened in the world today that I won’t know about? Is anyone out there? Help! I can’t even ask for help!

I know just enough about things like wireless routers to know nothing useful. Sometimes they work better if you unplug them and count to twenty before plugging them back in. I might as well make a sacrifice to the god of internet. Reminds me of a child who still imagines little people inside the television.  My I.T. guy (my husband) can't get it running via phone support and has asked me to hang on until tonight.

To add to my ineptness this morning, Pook completed the Lego remote control car kit he just purchased with his birthday money. Except I cannot get the battery case open. I have not yet tried blasting powder, but I have tried everything else. A simple tiny screwdriver should have done the job. Customer Service (which really was helpful) is sending us a new box, but it comes directly from Denmark and therefore might take a few days. Or a week. We couldn’t open the battery compartment on the car either, but after seven Customer Service reps each took an attempt, they finally found the trick and shared it with us. Poor kid. We waited three weeks after he got the birthday money before buying the kit, then had to wait for it to arrive in the mail, and now another week. Patience is not a trait I’m demonstrating to my children very well. Maybe they’ll inherit it from CD’s side of the family.

So, now that this is becoming a blog entry about complaining, let me complain that the county is trying to save money by closing our pool on Mondays. And our swim team coach thinks mornings are better for practices, leaving over half the kids unable to attend due to working parents and camp situations. Our school superintendent has been indicted for racketeering and theft of millions of dollars. And my laundry isn’t drying because of the high humidity.

Huh? I just heard a familiar repetitive tune and discovered that Bug is online. Their computer has internet access and I don’t? I do believe I shall assert my authority and take over their computer. So sorry guys. I need something to work in my favor today.


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