Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Bob and Morris are the two cats who live next door.  D isn't really much of a cat person, it's her dog who goes to work with her each day and gets to live in the house.  But she rescued both orange tabbies eight years ago when they and their siblings were dropped off at the park in a cardboard box.  She found homes for the ones that managed to stay out of traffic and ended up keeping the last two.  They live in her garage with a fancy climber, heated cat boxes and probably heated canned food too.  It wouldn't surprise me.  And yet, the two are hunters.  Serious hunters.  Her yard is small, so they seem to spend most of their time in ours.  Their orange coats blend in with dead oak leaves and the ivy in my yard is an endless source of meals for them.  (I doubt they consume.  If I were them, I'd bring the "gift" to D and dine on warm Fancy Feast.)

I caught them in action today, in my backyard.  The cool thing about Bob and Morris is that they hunt as a team.  One often scares out the prey for the other to pounce on.  (Although Bob is getting a bit fat and lazy these days, so I'm not sure he's keeping up his end of it.)

They were still for a long time on a stakeout at the edge of the ivy.

Finally their ears perked up at the same time.  Morris walked slowly closer to the sound.
Morris went for the pounce.
And came out successful. 
He left the yard with a tiny gray mouthful.

And Bob followed.

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  1. I wish they would come for some tiny grey mouthfuls here! As long as they don't bother the birds, they would be welcome. We have a couple of neighbor cats that come here to hang out. My mostly indoor male, Kitty, sometimes gets into scuffles with the one intact male though. I have to be referee way too often. Love the brotherly tag team you have. :-)