Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I mentioned here, yesterday, that I was having a birthday.  I'm turning one of those numbers that is just sort of in the middle.  I'm just "in my forties" these days.  We'll celebrate at some point this week.  Wednesdays aren't exactly good for CD to be doing any fancy baking (or not fancy baking) so I considered Saturday or Sunday, but we're leaving the kids with babysitters both those nights.  Then I started thinking about what sort of cake I wanted and first settled on either homemade chocolate pudding or homemade cinnamon buns.  (We think way outside the box around here when it comes to "cake".)  I think I read too many food blogs.  I've been interested in both making and eating those two items for a while, but I think I'm interested in the process as much as the eating, and making it myself seems wrong, as does subjecting CD to a three hour dough making process.  There is still the option of a quick one pan cake from my Grandma, a nutmeg cake, and it could be done any night.  As could the pudding.... 

The cinnamon bun idea brought up the idea of celebrating my birthday at breakfast which is what Bug is going to do in a few weeks. I've already sent his evite out to a few friends and heard back from them all.  He has decided to have a "Pajama and Pancake Party".  We've invited five boys to come over in pj's at 9:00 am one Saturday.  We'll have toppings out for customized pancakes and a multi-layered pancake cake for Bug.  Then we'll throw them all in our small den to watch a movie which has yet to be chosen.  Send 'em all home by noon and we'll still have the rest of the day ahead of us.

Party time!


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