Tuesday, December 1, 2009

sorting woes

I tried putting an orange dot on the tag of clothes that Pook handed down to Bug.  When I recognize the clothes in the laundry as familiar and associated with Pook, I'd see the orange and know they've changed home drawers. Perfect system!  So organized!  So clever!  Except sometimes there's no tag and the orange sharpie would show through the fabric.  Then I need to look at the tags.  Bug, age five, wears a size six in most clothes.  Pook, age eight, wears an eight.  Simple enough.  Except Bug also wears a small and that tiny little s and the tiny little 8 look a whole lot alike unless I go get my glasses.  While Pook usually wears a medium, sometimes Bug does too, some of which are identical other than one being clean and in a dresser and one dirty.  Am I supposed to remember who has worn what recently?  Ha!  And then Lands' End has made it even worse, as Bug now wears a Little Boy large and Pook wears a Big Boy small.  Other brands are less consistent about sizes, so sometimes a size (by the time we've received it as a hand-me-down) isn't accurate anyway.  I'm sure both boys have size sevens around here.  Looking around the hamper of clean laundry, belonging to I-don't-know-who, I find sizes marked L (6x-7), some M (7-8) and S (6-7).  I can no longer sort laundry.  I surrender.


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