Friday, December 11, 2009


It's the Christmas music that gets me ready for the holidays, (despite the fact that CD somehow embedded the Muppet's Movin' Right Along song into my head today).  I made my "big arse" Amazon order, we have our tree bought and decorated, stockings are hung and other decorations are out. But last night was a Christmas concert at our church-- a Moravian Love Feast. (No serious loving, only a sweet roll and mocha for the "feast".)  The choir, a quartet, soloist, bell choir and brass quintet all took their parts with and without the congregation's participation for an hour and a half of wonderful music. For the first time, we took the kids along.  They even got to hold their own candles at the end.

I knew it was starting at bedtime (7:30 for Bug) so we tried to plan ahead. (We'll see this evening how it worked.) Bug took a bath in the afternoon, which thrilled him because he could stay in as long as he wanted. Then I had him pick out the clothes he planned to wear to school Friday. He chose sweats-- and I had a light-bulb-moment: "Do you want to sleep in those tonight?" Oh, yeah! So, when we came home from the concert he was quickly helped into sweats and a t-shirt and tucked into bed with music still in his head.

This morning he got an extra ten minutes of sleep and bounced out all excited to be dressed already, before anyone else.  "Why doesn't he do this on Mondays?" asked Pook. ... Silence...  Wow.  What a great idea.  I've been trying to improve our Mondays all fall.  Some Mondays Bug has gotten out the door on time, some not, but all have been painful experiences for the whole family. We've been talking and experimenting with ways to help him with the process.  Sleeping in his clothes (I think I'd prefer that they always be sweats) may be the ticket.


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