Monday, July 7, 2008

up into the wild blue yonder

I leave tomorrow for a week at my parents' home with the kids. I flew with them to do this last summer, and it must not have been too bad because here I am again. Last year we stayed two weeks which was too much. We all missed CD/Daddy and, to be honest, two weeks with my parents was just too much for me. I love them dearly and I'd be happy to have them in town. But then I'd see them weekly for a matter of hours and not have to live with them 24/7.

I haven't even started packing yet, but the kids have picked out their carry-on items: two Etch-a-Sketches, two notepads, six colored pencils, two Matchbox airplanes, a pillow-y basketball on a tether, one tiny dinosaur, two calculators and a brand new workbook I just got for each of them. Plus, they'll each choose more books than they need. Oh, and a Brain Quest trivia game for 1st graders which I think will bore Pook and work for Bug. (What is 'trivia'? "It's what Daddy does with his friends; they sit around and talk and drink beer and answer questions.")

I hope I get to relax. Papa will be good for much entertainment and Nana will cover most other needs. I've got some friends in town to catch up with too. We might even get to go out one night without the kids. With the kids, we're planning to go to a pioneer village one day and will hit either the zoo or the children's museum.

I probably won't post for the next week. Ta Ta. And wish me luck with the planes, trains and automobiles.

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  1. We did Conner Prairie with the kids on our big Midwest trip a three years ago. It was even better than I remembered it from school field trips. Hope you had fun!