Tuesday, July 15, 2008


No, I'm not commenting on how my parents spoiled my children this past week and I'm going to have to deprogram them. (Although they went on some type of "field trip" every day, made lots of wood crafts with my dad and got to paint all their creations with my mom.) No, I'm glad we had so much fun and have other visits with them to look forward to enjoying. What has spoiled us are the friendships next door. Mrs. Next Door came to pick us up from our subway ride home from the airport, and the kids could hardly say 'hi' without blurting out "We're moving back to our old home in Louisville."

Moving? No! Let me have heard incorrectly!

They've been renting next door, hoping to buy, while they tried to sell their old home. And it isn't selling. And Mr. Next Door has had an awkward handshake agreement with the "friend" he's working for, understanding that he'd get insurance benefits starting in July. And they've been reneged. And they have a special needs child who really needs full benefits. And Mr. Next Door's old job was still available to him in Louisville. And Mrs. Next Door's mother has had a stroke and she wants to be closer. And they have family in Louisville. And all forces point back.

In two weeks.

But it gets worse. They have a grandparents trip now blended with a visit to the new house (where Mr. Next Door already moved over the weekend) and with our vacation schedule, tomorrow is the only, the last, the final day our boys will be able to play together.

My children have become accustomed to having friends they can play with whenever. No arranging for playdates and driving them around. No need to feel indebted when someone has "babysat". I've become accustomed to having them entertained.

I'm mourning.


  1. Oh, no! I hope whoever moves in will be just as good!

  2. Oh, I am so sorry! I second the hope that the new next door neighbors will be just as good. Not that they will replace the former next door neighbors, but you know...