Tuesday, July 22, 2008

catching my breath

I'm out of breath. I have a vague memory of planning our summer so it wouldn't be activity heavy at any one point. I scheduled two short camps for Pook at reasonable times. I found a camp for Bug that takes place after his brother's school has started. I planned our family's one, week long trip near the end but leaving a few weeks before school started back. It sounded just right. But in the end, I failed.

"I'll split the plane fare if you and the boys will come up for a week." (Could I have turned that down?) We got home last Tuesday.
"We'll only be in town for a short time. (With very little notice) Can you come up to meet us?" That was last weekend, Friday to Sunday.

And now our week's trip to the beach is coming up. We'll leave Saturday for a week in the Outer Banks, visiting family part of the time and staying in a family member's cabin.

Fabulous, yes, but I'm exhausted. I haven't put the suitcases away since July started. Three trips in July! I've barely had time to do laundry between them. Meals have been a joke, despite all the fabulous produce we've had. Poor Pook is missing three of the five swim meets with his team. Bug hasn't had the continuity of his heart chart for several weeks.

We're frazzled. That isn't the goal of vacation.

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  1. WOW! Sounds like a busy summer. Hopefully, the kids will remember it as the summer of all the fun trips instead of the Frazzling Summer of '08.