Wednesday, April 9, 2008

spring break sweet sleep

We went to Stone Mountain yesterday as part of our spring break fun. Stone Mountain is the largest exposed granite 'stone' in the world and has a bas relief carving on the side of three figures from the Confederacy. This does not impress the boys. What they love is taking the skyride up and/or down, hiking up and/or down, taking the train around it (too long, too loud, too jostly) playing putt putt, seeing glass blowing demos, blacksmith demos, candy making demos (of course), and monster trucks (so we won't forget we're in The South). The kids have never even seen the evening lightshow, the huge playground, a lake with pedal boats, a paddlewheel riverboat, amphibian "duck" rides, carillon concerts, hiking, golfing, swimming, and I'm sure much more. We bought a membership this year and plan to see what else they offer. I'm more for pedal boats than monster trucks.

So... we met friends there yesterday and did PART of the many attractions. They had to leave at 1pm, but we stayed a bit longer. The sun had finally made an appearance after many dreary days, and the boys had spent the last 3o minutes running on the Great Lawn barefoot. I was already considering sleep. Unfortunately, I knew they were exhausted but that I probably wouldn't get a nap from anyone.

My luck changed when Bug fell asleep in the car. I made Pook promise to play quietly in his room when we got home. I carried Bug to the sofa and I collapsed (with all 44lbs of him!) and we slept together for an hour. It'd been a long time since we'd done that. I woke up after about 30 minutes and my arm was numb. I tried to adjust it, but didn't get up. I didn't want to ruin the moment. There won't be many more like it. Instead I turned to look at his eyelashes against his flushed cheek. I filled my lungs with the smell of sweet baby sweat. I need to remember that smell when they grow up.


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