Friday, April 4, 2008


Bug calls from the den, "Can you come kiss me and tickle me and zerbert me?" I peek in and he's spread eagle on the sofa with his t-shirt pulled up. Could you resist? Me? Never!

I give him tickles and kisses and some good loud zerberts on the tummy. I asked him where he was most ticklish. "I'm most 'tickalish' on my ham hocks" he giggled, (thighs for you non southerners) then he offered, "and I'm most kissalish on my neck." Much more tickling, kissing and zerberting ensued.

Entry into family vocabulary: "kissalish", and perhaps "kissalicious"


  1. I can't resist smooching on my girls and Emily occasionally will look at me and say "No smooch me more, Mommy" with this very serious look on her face. But how can I help it, Emily? You are so smoochable!

    And the tickles? Oh, well, we won't even go there...

  2. Ham hocks? Really?

  3. True southerner here, and I love love love my little guys ham hocks!! They are so kissalish. I'm going to have to use that word now it's too cute to pass up!!