Friday, April 18, 2008

the ants go marching

The ants go marching one by one, the little one stops to kill the other one. They all go marching down, to the ground to all die. How melodic!

I'm on a rampage. We've had an ant colony in our backyard since late summer 2006. It is about five feet across now. Serious ants, and persistent too. The folks who treat our house for pests (successfully and environmentally safely) have tried to deal with them. We've put down bait, more bait, more bait, poison and more poison. I tried pouring bleach on it. Recently I've just been stomping all their front, back, side, guest, delivery, and staff doors flat. I browsed online the other day and we've done everything mentioned except one idea. It seemed like a longshot, but....

I took two pails outdoors, along with my shovel. I found me a small ant colony, only about six inches across. Before those poor ants had time to scream (and if you've ever heard an ant scream, you'll know that's a good thing) I scooped up a shovel of their house (most of it probably) and walked over to Ant Colony From Hell and scooped up a shovel of their subdivision (only a small neighborhood) and I traded.

Ha. Now, if we are extremely lucky, they will fight it out tooth and nail, head and thorax, and THEY WILL ALL DIE. And, damn if it didn't feel good.

If anyone is crawling around there a week from now? I'll find some Fire Ants and sic them on those miserable creatures.

And now I must return to editing the Peace Camp curriculum that my church is hosting this summer.

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  1. Thanks, now I have "The Ants Go Marching..." stuck in my head. But the really annoying version from that animated whats-her-name character on Sesame Street. The lesbian.

    So yeah, thanks a lot.