Thursday, April 17, 2008

super ball purgatory

Confession #1: I hate super balls. To me they're a bit like clothes hangers which multiply when I'm not looking. And I don't think they're as useful as clothes hangers. They can't be used outdoors or after the first bounce they'll be missing, someone will be whining, lawnmowers will be roaring, or people will be tripping.... They can't be used indoors or pictures will be breaking, furniture will be moving, breakables will be tipping and someone will be whining (that'd be me this time). No superballs!

Confession #2: I hide them. I have a box in the storage room with at least a dozen superballs in it. There is one with a small dinosaur inside it. Some with multicolored speckles or stripes. Several colors and sizes. One is at least three inches across. Many of them have that sticky-get-lint-all-over-them quality. But I don't really give them much thought. I leave them around underfoot for a few weeks when they're new, or until they've just barely been forgotten, then off they go. I have no good reason for not throwing them away, but instead they go to Superball Purgatory in our storage room. (Hmm, come to think of it, "purgatory" describes that room well.)

So... no superballs in my house. And yet, what is in the birthday goodie bag? A superball! What do my kids pick from the dentist's treasure chest? A superball! What do they win at the carnival game? A superball! I just sigh and stash them away with the rest. My children then go to a museum gift shop with Nana and Papa, and what happens then? They come home and my mom says to me, "I said they could pick out one item and Bug says he doesn't have any superballs; that they all got lost. So I thought it'd be ok."


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