Monday, June 4, 2012

cheese, wishes, messes and fairies-- oh my!

I'm finally getting around to reading some of the journals, etc. that came home at the end of the school year.

Bug always has some stories worth a chuckle.

George and the magic Mozzerella
1. George finds some mozzerella in his house
2. George wishes he had a Pet dinosaur. Suddenly he is riding a triceritops.
3. Hes still holding the cheese
4. It charges his mom and dad, he said Woah! Stop! It does
5. He wishes he had a Pet griffin, cyclops, and centar he gets them
6. he goes to bed with the cheese on his bed-side table
7. Years pass and George takes good care of the cheese
Also by Bug:
If I had three wishes one would be that I could fly. I would be able to get places in a hurry. My second wish would be that I could turn invisible. It would be useful to be able to sneak around. My last wish would be to have the ability to walk into a book and trade Places with a character. That would be really fun.
 I was entertained by Pook in this one. He knows himself well.
Messyish Me
When Mrs. Lavender walks into my bedroom she thinks that "this room is fairly cleanish." She thinks that it is cleanish because there is not things all over the floor. The beds are sort of made. I share the room with my little brother. It is clean because the toys are in the Toy Room. The closet is not very neat though. I am not as neat as that room is.

Pook has doodles in his notebooks which crack me up. He has another which involves a boxing glove triggered by an closed circuit. At least they were in the science notebook! (I have approximated his drawing, not copied it.)


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