Friday, May 18, 2012

log ride

I have found my desk.  And emptied my email inbox.  And the kids won't be home from school for an hour still. (I just want to pause now while you gasp with amazement. Thank you.) (And don't look in the laundry room. That doesn't count because it wasn't on my desk.)

I've started picturing April as the long climb up a roller coaster. Every time you blink someone adds something to your May calendar. You see it filling fuller and fuller and see the multiple conflicts which you don't have time to adjust. And then comes May. You might as well enjoy the ride because there is no stopping it.  Until June. And June feels like the water at the bottom of the log ride, stopping the action quickly. If you can make it to June you're home safely. If.

Piano recitals went beautifully. In-laws had a good visit. Baseball is over for both kids. We didn't win anything at the baseball family festival.  Pook turned eleven and the sleep-over boys slept a bit. Pook has turned in three of four end-of-year projects and if he doesn't volunteer to present the fourth today I will have his head. Mother's Day got some notice.

My own mother's birthday celebration will happen Saturday. Sunday afternoon we have an end-of-baseball swim party. Monday is field day for the second grade. (I'm helping.) Tuesday is my last day of work for the year and field day for the fifth grade. Wednesday is the second grade end-of-year party. (I'm helping.) Thursday is awards day for the fifth grade and their party. (I'm helping.) But Thursday is also the last day of school.  So Friday? Friday we're sleeping.


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