Friday, March 16, 2012

to sleep, perchance to change time zones again

I know I said I was in Central Time Zone last weekend, but I think I was in some odd warp with a new zone an hour EAST of Georgia. Or maybe my in-laws have moved to Venezuela.  I have woken up every morning this week at precisely 5:45.

Last night I woke at 2 or some middle-of-the-night hour and had the wisdom to use the bathroom. The hope was that my bladder wouldn't wake me at 5:45 again.  No go. Perhaps it gave me one minute, since I lied: it wasn't 5:45 today, it was 5:46 this morning.

Five mornings in a row. How is this even possible? My bedtimes aren't that precise. I was asleep on the sofa by 10 pm one night and I know I was up till 11:30 another night. An hour and a half spread going to sleep and a one minute spread awaking?

To put this in better perspective, the alarm (on CD's side of the bed) goes off at 6:05. I believe he usually slaps it quiet. I'm seldom aware of anything until the next chance to wake up at 6:15. Even then, he climbs out of bed and I barely notice. The alarm that normally gets into my brain is the start of his shower about five minutes later. That's the one that includes the responsibility of making sure that little boys are getting up also.

The 5:45 self awaking means that I have only twenty minutes to fall back asleep before being woken again. Obviously it isn't happening. But tomorrow, my sleep-in-Saturday with no baseball until (wow!) 10:30, I will tell that 5:45 clock what I think of it and roll back over. I hope.


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