Tuesday, March 20, 2012

on a scale of 1-5

I have an annual evaluation at work.  Ok, I know lots of people do these and the world doesn't end.  But how do I know that the world won't end?  Can you tell me that?

Pook says he has to evaluate himself after big projects. He gives himself "like two 5's and two 4's" and Bug has to evaluate his progress in gym class with thumbs up, down or sideways. He didn't say, but I'll assume he grades himself a bit like Mary Poppins.

I have a bad memory of some teacher who had me evaluate myself, and upon looking at my low-ish evaluation and his/her? much better scores, gave me an "ok, if you think so" and applied my own grade to me.

Like Pook, I think you give yourself a few lower grades, acting humble, on things you really could work to improve, then go for it and give yourself "exceeds expectations" like Bug for the rest.

On a different rating scale, look at this!  Wouldn't it be nice if we could be proud of this record breaking scorecard. As it is, people are full of mixed feelings. We're enjoying the 80 degree temps, pulling out the shorts and sandals, a bit worried about the potential for having lots of bugs this summer (who weren't killed by any cold weather this "winter"), nervous that we'll still be having 80 degree (or higher) temps in September and, of course, sneezing and wheezing and feeling miserable.

*Anything over 200 is considered "extremely high."


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