Monday, March 12, 2012


To properly celebrate Extra Daylight When You Don't Need It Time, we drove to the Central Time Zone for the weekend.  Nothing like coming home in bad traffic to an extra hour of change.

And a freezer door left ajar in the big garage freezer. 

I have spent my day cooking two dozen bratwurst, two pounds of breakfast sausage links, two pounds of Happy Pig* sausage, a pack of chicken sausage, a huge bag of shrimp (CD and my parents had shrimp cocktail with me for lunch today) three pounds of chicken (my dear mom is cooking it at her house) and a pork shoulder roast (in the crock pot with BBQ sauce).  I figure it can all be put back in the freezer after it gets cooked. 

Tonight's dinner: breaded tilapia filets. Tomorrow my parents will come back over for a scallop feast. Then there is a pork loin, a Happy Cow sirloin and Happy Cow stew meat to deal with still.

I gave my parents a bag of Mahi Mahi steaks and the chicken. Unfortunately I had just stocked up on seafood and pork. Luckily the remainder of the Happy Cow felt pretty firm.

The frozen, precooked items are just going to suffer. They were icy, if not frozen. Will I notice if a Lean Cuisine isn't at its best? Meatballs? Veggies and fruit will clump into inseparable masses. Bread products will cope. There was no ice cream. (That has never been a positive before!)

Anyone hungry?  Dinner's at six. 

*Happy Pig and Happy Cow meats are the label the kids have given to meat from our local farmer, Greg.


  1. Sheesh that is a lot of meat... I don't think I need to eat meat for a week just reading that!

    Elle xo

  2. Oy. HUGE fear for me, especially after a big cookfest.

  3. I just saw a quote on Facebook about Daylight Savings: "Only the government would think that you could cut a foot off one end of a blanket, stitch it to the other end, and end up with a longer blanket."


    Last winter, our lovely young (willing, hard-working, cheerful, but YOUNG) contractor left my basement freezer unplugged. Not sure why he unplugged it in the first place... happily, I noticed before anything but the very top layer had softened at all. And then I had a kindly word with my mortified young contractor... :-)