Thursday, January 12, 2012

it's a boy!

I've been too occupied with mice and critters-who-cannot-be-named to talk about The Paid Job here.

I have a boy!  (He will hereafter be referred to as The Pope.) The Pope started in a two day preschool class this fall. And lasted two days.  He was referred to our program and it was suggested that his parents take him to a developmental pediatrician. His parents were given the diagnosis PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) for him, and speech and occupational therapy were recommended.  His parents got both those therapies going and enrolled him in our preschool with me as his support teacher all in one month. Oh, and a feeding specialist is already getting involved too.

Go parents.

The Pope turned three in October, but didn't use any words to communicate. He'd whine or take their hand and drag them to the item he wanted, and he'd use words to himself, randomly, in his play, but never to another person.  He made no eye contact, even with his parents.  His regular pediatrician told his parents he was "a late bloomer."  Why? Why? Why?

Clearly they suspected something was wrong. They certainly got busy quickly when it was confirmed for them.  While it is never too late, I'm sorry that his parents didn't get him professional help sooner. Early intervention!!!

So anyway, The Pope and I have had three days together. He's a bright little guy with a mop head of dark curls. And he's snuggly. And he's whiny.  But I can do something about the whiny.

He started using a picture communication system with his speech teacher, and took to it quickly.  I'm pulling a similar one together for school.  When he figures out how to get the things he needs, the whining will go away.

I have a baby!


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