Monday, January 16, 2012

the basement

"When we win the lottery we'll dig a basement."

This has been something I've said for years. We love our house, really we do. But it would be so nice to just have that little bit more space, that it-can-get-messy space, that "sure we can get a foos ball table" space, that guest bedroom space, that workshop space.

Our house is on a hill and I think we could have had a basement pretty easily.  The original builders were just cheap; all our neighbors have similar floor plans with a few more feet in every direction... and basements.

Once Pook and I even pulled out paper to design it. We measured the ground floor and drew it out, then relocated walls to design our perfect basement.  I'd put in a dumbwaiter to haul groceries up from the now-downstairs garage, a mudroom and a place for bikes. Pook designed a playroom.  There would be guest space (with a bathroom!) and still some left for CD to have a workshop.

All that was left was to win the lottery.

I told my mathematical child that one has the best chance of winning the lottery the first time you buy a ticket. Your chances go up 100%!

So, on my Friday the Thirteenth birthday, Pook bought me a lottery ticket.

It was fun to scratch it off together at least.


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