Thursday, January 19, 2012

build it and they will come (and go)

What can you make with a shoe box, pipe cleaners, string, scotch tape, and scissors?

Almost anything, you answer?

Ok, what if I say there is also a singleton winter glove, a broken Lego watch, a broken flash drive, a broken bike odometer, a key to some house we no longer own, a shower head, a wine cork, and a globe with a screen which shares information about the countries on it?

Well, if you're Pook, you can make a broken time machine.

But why would you make a broken time machine, you ask?

If you're Pook, you would explain that the technology for a working time machine does not yet exist, but someday it will and at that time your time machine will be able to be fixed.

Broken Time Machine for Time and Space Transportation

1. Globe:  It shows you and helps you choose where you're going, assuming you're going within the boundaries of Earth.

2.Watch: This is how you set the time of your travel, backwards or forwards

3. Flash Drive: It keeps all the memory of all the places

4. Glove: It keeps you attached to the machine so it doesn't go on its own; it takes you with it

5. Cork and Key: They make the ignition

6. Odometer: This keeps track of your distance

7.  Shower Head: This is actually a speaker

Set the globe and watch using the screen on the globe, put your hand in the glove and turn the key when you're ready to go. Speakinto the speaker where you're planning to go and then say "Take me there."