Tuesday, December 20, 2011

three basic needs

Maybe we've always known this but never really put it into words.  But Bug has had some optional basketball practices these last few days and they've been so, so, so helpful. And not just because it separates him from his brother and temporarily stops the squabbling which has been going on since school got out Friday. The exercise calms Bug down. We've occasionally sent him outside to jump rope or play ball when he's gotten fussy, but we're noticing the effect more now.  I mentioned it to CD this evening.

We knew that the kid needed very consistent sleep. We go way out of our way to get him in bed early. He's almost eight and still goes to bed at 7:30, (up by 6:15). We'd put him in bed sooner if we could, on some days.  I was a Nap Nazi for years, making sure he was home for his nap and not in the car or at an activity of Pook's. When he's tired, we all walk on eggshells trying to prevent melt downs.

We knew that he needed to be fed on regular intervals. The four hour feedings never stopped when he was weaned.  Maybe this is a blood sugar issue, maybe the kid just eats huge quantities of food. Regardless of why, he can't skip snacks or meals or he gets really crabby.

Poor Bug. I've just described him as fussy, crabby and prone to melt downs.  He is so much better than he was as a tot that we're hardly aware of it anymore. So when I pointed out that exercise was one of those things too, that Bug's major needs are food, exercise and sleep, CD summed it (him) up.  Yes, our child is kind of like a chipmunk.hamster. (I stand corrected, and I will go buy the boy a wheel)


  1. But what a sunny child when those needs are met! He makes me happy.