Friday, December 30, 2011

merry and bright

Our Christmases were all they should be. Kids and toys and food and family.

Pook gave me a big bag of Lindt dark chocolate and raspberry truffles and Bug gave me a pair of earrings and a drawing. He gave CD and me, jointly, a clay bunny he'd made in art at school.  Because I know they used their own money, I'm doubly impressed with their choices.  (Not that I didn't like getting my own bubble wrap.) CD gave me a Kindle. I've been reading Turn of Mind by Alice LaPlante, which he gave to me also. All good.

Mickey did not show himself by eating more gingerbread and getting stuck in a mouse trap. BUT! I went into the storage room to get a paper bowl and picked up a plastic bag holding a paper tablecloth. Which sprinkled shreds onto my feet.  Shredded paper + gingerbread nibbling = not good. I will try to remember to mention the final results of this drama when they unfold.

We are hosting a South Georgia Islands New Year's party again this year. Simple menu of soup, salad, bread and dessert. There are a total of eight adults and eight kids (ages 5-11) who will be here. I'm looking forward to it. Gotta get to the dollar store with the boys to buy some streamers and horns to toot!

I doubt I'll be posting again this year, so have yourself a merry little New Year's Eve.


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