Friday, December 16, 2011

butter, sugar and gifts

I worked both Monday and Tuesday this week, swapping out so I was home on Thursday. Liking it. Even making progress on a long to do list. Not that I was "home" much on any of these days. Yesterday the school had holiday parties and I was, of course, helping to organize one of them.

I came home and by 4pm I realized I felt ready to crash in bed for the night. Not just tired, but actually sleepy. I couldn't think of any good reason for my exhaustion, but I gave up on dinner planning and called CD to pick something up on his way home.

I revived just fine, not feeling sick or anything. Except I was starving this morning and at 10 am I had two leftover slices of pizza. That might have been the best leftover cold pizza I've ever enjoyed. Could be that it is just the best cold pizza I've had at 10 am in many years.

 The boys are finishing up their last day of school today. (Yes, holiday parties were Thursday and school ends on Friday. No, I don't get it.)

We've got a lot of activities planned. They want to go to the zoo, to the art museum, to ice skate, to see a movie and to bake cookies (x3, including a gingerbread house). I want them to get haircuts, to buy new shoes, and to start and complete a science fair experiment. We, as a family, need to get a Christmas tree and decorate it, get stocking stuffers, wrap presents and mail a couple of them.

Overall I'm in a good place. All but two or three gifts are purchased, many decorations are out, extra butter and sugar are bought Butter, sugar and gifts. That's about all anyone needs.


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