Friday, September 23, 2011


The cast is blue this time too.

There is a "closed fracture of the supracondylar humerus." In English, this means that he broke his left arm in the top bone somewhere right at the elbow. He was simply running around on the church playground and fell.

They didn't offer a water safe cast, so we've got to struggle through showers again. He hates all the attention but I think he's most upset that baseball is over for the season. Maybe the coach will make him a ball/bat boy at games.


  1. I think they sell something that's like a latex balloon you can place over the cast for showering. I don't know what its called though.

  2. Check a medical supply store. My grandaughter had a heavy rubber mitten that went over the cast. You squeezed a little ball that pumped all the air out and made it watertight so she could swim.