Tuesday, September 20, 2011


There are sledgehammers upstairs in the bathroom.  This is a good thing!

Our upstairs guest/kids bathroom has never been renovated.  The Harvest Gold sink and tile chosen in 1970 are still there.  The ugliness of it didn't escape me, but it was functional, if tiny..  We tried our best to ignore it.  We bathed babies in the tub.  We put up a 12x12 mirrored tile so they could see their little faces above the sink (and below the Big Box woodishlikeproduct vanity).

When guests used the bathroom we were reminded of the problems with it.  When we replaced all the windows in the house we put obscuring glass in the shower's window, understanding that guests felt uncomfortable standing naked in front of a window, even if promised that no neighbors were in viewing distance.  (Yes, there is a window in the shower.)  We added a second Big Box woodishlikeproduct cabinet to add storage space above the toilet.  We replaced the toilet.  (No, the boys still never close it.) Then we lived with it for several more years.

We were aware that there was a leak by the window, but we seldom had guests who needed the shower much.  Our kids were young and took baths.  As they got older and became more independent in the tub and when brushing teeth, I spent less time in the space and was more able to ignore the need for renovation.

When Pook gave up the tub for the shower, we somewhat reluctantly let him use our bathroom.  We'd renovated it already (avocado green, three shades) and while I had wanted to take my baths far away from Spiderman and his ilk, it was very handy to have the boys bathing at the same time, one in each bathroom.  Pook moved in.  Then Bug decided he was ready to give up baths for showers.  Four washcloths lined up on the towel bar.  And so it has continued for the past year or more.

But! Today there is a contractor upstairs beating the heck out of my house.  I don't see the kitchen ceiling crumbling, so I'll trust that the mess is contained.  We've used this contractor (and his brother) several times, so we're comfortable with their style and process.

Here are Before photos to enjoy.

The kids' bathroom, as seen from the hall, toilet open.

Isn't the Harvest Gold lovely?

The rotten part of the sill. We'll see how deep the damage goes.

The old light fixture above the vanity and the wallpaper.


  1. pink and turquoise in the 50's.
    Harvest gold and avocado in the 70's.
    What will they say in the future about our neutral baths and kitchens?

  2. Harvest gold and avocado are coming back. #notkidding That said we're ditching all the green. When you said window in the shower, I was thinking glass block that common in Chicago-area mid-century houses, but wow, that is WINDOW. I'm curious to know how extensive the wood damage is. That has got to be tough to maintain in a shower.

    We've got a bath with different issues, but rivals yours in terms of craziness.

    Keep me posted on your reno and I'll give you a Sunday shout-out.