Monday, September 26, 2011


This is what happens when you let seven and ten year olds go to the paint department alone to pick a paint color for their new bathroom:

The 13" tile for the floor is on the bottom (on top of a distracting random throw rug). The (broken piece of) white 6" tile will be on the walls with the patterned piece along the room at about four feet.  The granite is for the vanity top. I don't have a sample of the cabinetry, but the color was called "honey spice"  and is made of maple. 

Our master bathroom has the same floor, wood color and granite, and we painted it turquoise and used some turquoise glass tiles as accent.  I wanted a beach/ water and sand feeling in there.  Since there is so little paint in the small kids bathroom-- just around the door, above the towel bars and around the medicine cabinets-- I'm letting the kids pick.  Personally, I'm ready to veto the yellow, purple and kelly greens, but could go for any of the others probably.  The rest of the room is so neutral (on my insistence) that anything would work.  My thought is that paint is (1) cheap and (2) easily changed.

Anyone have opinions?


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