Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This first invention of mine is one I thought of years ago.  And I'm not even a shower singer.
  • The shower Karaoke machine:  Adjust the non-fogging screen to accommodate your lack of glasses and enjoy the acoustics of your shower while you sing along to your high school favorites.
These next two are feasible. My friend vb and I have discussed some of the "inventions" for which technology exists already.
  • The meet-up GPS:  Set the destination of your cell phone's GPS to the phone number of your friend's cell phone, then let the two phones help you meet halfway between your current locations, taking into consideration any detours or stops either of you may make.
  • The flexible answering service: Set your phone to ring not only in different locations based on your schedule (Google Voice will do this) but to not ring after 10:00pm.  Instead set it to take messages from 10:00pm to 6:00am.  Unless there are emergencies, for which the caller should be able to override this set-up.
This is the one I most want to obtain.
  • The prescription screen: Adjust your computer or cell phone screen to your eyeglass prescription and put those reading glasses away.  I'll let the person who develops this one deal with my astigmatism.

No, I'm not an inventor.  If you wish to invent any of these items, feel free. I wouldn't mind a financial kickback if you make a fortune off any of them however.  And if they write your bio, you could mention me as your inspiration.


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