Friday, August 19, 2011

blame the Tooth Fairy

Pook is home sick.  He woke us to tell us of a sore throat, and despite a clear strep test, he's now feverish and miserable.  I blame the Tooth Fairy.

Yes, the Tooth Fairy still visits our house. As far as I can tell, we've missed the way out and will be keeping the Tooth Fairy on the payroll forever-- as well as her buddies Santa and the Easter Bunny.

While I'm pretty sure that Pook, and maybe the quite skeptical but also gullible Bug, know about these visitors, they also want to stay enmeshed in the pretend, so they won't admit that they know.  I'm not sure how to bring it up and change the routines.

I'm happy to give Santa gifts, and our routine of Christmas stockings wouldn't change, meaning that giving up Santa is really a moot point.  The Easter Bunny might still bring some candy in a basket but probably wouldn't hide eggs any more.  The Tooth Fairy, well, I'm not sure how to 'sort of' do the Tooth Fairy.  They each have six to ten more teeth to lose, then it'll be done anyway, right?

Meanwhile, I need to reinforce the need to keep one's fingers out of one's mouth.  No wiggling of teeth!  Wash your hands!  One week back in school and Pook has wiggled the first virus of the year right into his mouth.

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  1. Keep the tooth fairy, and all the other loving myths as long as possible. Kids grow up way too fast.