Thursday, August 18, 2011

floating now

They've lost my boy.  The paid-job school called and said that the little boy who I was going to teach has dropped out of the program.  The mom has been worried about sending her baby to school for the first time, so they didn't seem too surprised that she'd changed her mind.  No "cute as a button" for me any more.

But, they still want me.  I'm going to "float," help out and substitute until they have a student for me.  It'll happen; special needs kids get identified all the time. I think this is a desirable program, certainly expensive, and possibly hard to get into.  I'm sorry I won't be starting up on the first day, but I suppose I'll have a chance to do things like learn my way around the campus and get to know the teachers and routines better first.

I'm antsy.  I worked two days last week and spent part of one at the boys' school helping in the library.  This week I only go in once, to take another class there. I'm eager for my school year to begin, even if I still can't jump in to swim!


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