Thursday, July 29, 2010

secret stash

When I was a kid I knew that I could get Red Hot candies from under the kitchen towels.  Sister MD and I both ate them.  We knew not to finish a bag and we knew not to open a new bag, but a small handful of candies were never missed.  I think we told our mom about this sometime after we were out of the house.  She'd never known.

I'm not a cinnamon person.  I'm mostly a buttery caramel person, but I'm incapable of keeping anything like that around.  It wouldn't last long enough to bother hiding.  Although I have kept sticky buns hidden in the back of the freezer.  And Girl Scout Trefoil cookies.  But I think that's all.  Unless I truly forget they're there, (which has happened) they never last long.  But occasionally, I need chocolate.  I can stop after just a tiny bit of good chocolate without getting hooked into eating it all.  So I keep it around.  A bag of Dove dark chocolates hides behind the tea boxes in the tiny can't-get-your-hand-in-it-well cabinet.  Or at least they've hidden there for nine years.

Yesterday a very helpful Pook was putting away some clean dishes.  I had him put my travel mug up with the tea.  Oops.  "There's chocolate in here."  He stated it very calmly and I decided to not respond.  He didn't say anything more.  But now I have to decide.  Can he handle the knowledge that I have a secret-ish stash of chocolate and not eat any noticeable quantity? And not tell his brother?  (Bug has more of a sweet tooth.  I wouldn't trust him with my chocolate for a moment!)  This morning I impulsively moved it to the top of the pantry, by the booze.  But I think I'll put it back.  I should wait to see if anything happens before I hide it away. Plus, the cabinet is more convenient for chocolate emergencies.

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