Monday, July 12, 2010


We haven't had a significant rain since early in June. (The chalk drawings on the patio are slightly blurred, but not washed away.)  My yard is dried up and cracking.  The forecast looks good, with rain predicted for the next ten days, but it seems the "scattered" and "isolated" T-storms skirt our house and the rain falls elsewhere each time.  Perhaps this will be the lucky week.

Two weeks ago one of my farmer friends gave me a sweet potato plant to try to grow.  As in, to grow sweet potatoes.  But she said to wait to plant it after a rain and I'm not sure how much longer I should wait.  I may just put the hose on the garden for a long time before planting.  The garden is one of the few areas I've watered.  The front area of coneflowers also has tomato plants, so I've watered there too, but most of the yard must fend for itself.  If the plants can't handle Georgia heat and drought, I just can't invite them back.  I have too much yard to attempt regular watering. Plus, Atlanta will put us under water restrictions the day I decide to pull out the sprinklers.

Today I have two extra boys at my house, K & A.  I heard thunder a bit ago and grew optimistic, but then it faded away without a drop.  Half an hour later I heard thunder again.  Hoping to tempt the fates, I sent the boys out to (1) play (2) water the plants and (3) wash the car!  Everyone was wet even before it began to rain!  And, while the rain was brief and didn't do much for the plants, at least the car is cleaner!


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