Thursday, July 22, 2010

must eat salsa salad

Some of those recipes are worth their weight in gold.  Which is a poor way to state their value since they were written on paper.

Tonight we had a salsa salad, served with couscous and leftover steak from CD's birthday.  I could eat that salad as the entree, easily.  The paper I used to make it was a pencil list of ingredients without any measurements, making me wonder if I made up this fantastic summer salad myself!  (I'll estimate quantities.)

(Mix this up early so the flavors can do what flavors do.)
chopped fresh tomato (two good sized pounders)
fresh corn, off the cob (two ears or one can if you must go that route)
can of black beans, rinsed
purple onion (about 1/2 c. from what I grew myself!)
cilantro (1/4 c.)
garlic (1 clove)
red wine vinegar (2 Tbs)
lime juice (2  Tbs)
olive oil (2 Tbs)
red bell pepper (I didn't have any today, but maybe one small pepper)

1 comment:

  1. Sounds a bit like mine, although I add avocado. Haven't made it this summer, so thanks for the reminder!