Thursday, March 11, 2010

take a deep breath

I know things are not good when I'm racing to make it to yoga on time.  Too stressed, too busy.  My brain has not completely engaged, causing widespread confusion in my life.

On Monday I saw the reminders about class photo day in the kids bags and I registered that it was good that my notes had gotten out to all the parents.  I even asked the kids to pull out the clothes they wanted to wear Wednesday so I could get anything washed if necessary.  Then, after they went to bed I realized that, uh whoops, I'm in charge of those pictures.  Those pictures aren't "later in the month", they are Now.  I spent Tuesday sending emails to change the plans I'd made Wednesday and Thursday since I'd be at the school most of both days instead. I had to finish up plans and send information to the other volunteer parents helping out. This was interrupted when I was contacted by a church friend to let me know that the cabins we wanted to rent were going fast and if we wanted to do the retreat she and I were planning, we'd have to jump on them quickly.  That issue was dealt with via email, but still took more brain power than I had available.  Fortunately the rest of the planning for it will wait.  Later that day I had to run to the store for combs, wet wipes and rubbing alcohol for school pictures (because I can't see throwing out combs after one kid which is the usual procedure).  By evening I was emailing the photographer and the school secretary multiple times while we designed Plan B to accommodate the rain.

Other than having one of my volunteers contract pink eye while helping kids get prepped for pictures, I'd say the first day went smoothly.  We all wish photos had been outdoors instead of in, but life goes on.  And on.  I was replaced by a new volunteer and I squeezed in a run to the grocery before returning to the school to pick kids up.  Some days I really wish we had a school bus. (We live within 1.25 miles, therefore "too close" for a bus.)  Then I thanked CD profusely for putting some dinner in the crock pot. 

Day two of pictures on Thursday.  I took the kids to school and stayed for the first hour to get the routine settled with new volunteers.  I got two hours of laundry (partly) done before heading back.  (I just discovered one wet load to finish, and folding will happen some other day.)  When I had all the photo things done and cleaned up it was so close to dismissal that I sat in the library until I could get Bug.  Then I collapsed on the rug in the den for an hour before he and I drove back up to the school to get Pook from his science club.  I was stopped by a teacher who asked if I was the "Fish Mom" because the tank apparently looks very cloudy and they think something may be wrong.  I didn't even look.  The fish will either live until I have time or they will die and get scooped out when I have time.  Right now I don't have time.  I'm planning to exhale.

Forgot to mention that during my time in the school, I was asked if I would help at the Scholastic Book Fair, and if I would volunteer to help on Field Day.  Is "Sucker" written on my forehead?!


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