Monday, March 22, 2010


If I call these things falling from the sky "magical melting flower petals" then I won't be so depressed.  Reality is what I make it, right?

At Bug's baseball game on Saturday, we needed sunscreen!  Fabulous day, perfect day for baseball, perfect day to be outdoors and the sun was a wonderful little reminder of it later.  We all came home at the end of the long day outdoors with a pink glow around the neckline.  Bug had a row of freckles across his nose, I had a sunglasses line and red nose.

My yard is gearing up to be beautiful this spring.  The late start may encourage more to be in bloom at once. 

Right now there are daffodils everywhere, crocus still around, hyacinth open, hellebores spreading and making little hellebore babies,  vinca starting to show tiny purple faces, forsythia aglow, quince cheerfully pink and little green heads of everything else popping up!  It makes me so cheerful to see it all as I look around.

And then I noticed wetness on my windshield this morning.  I'd have closed my eyes and put my fingers in my ears and hummed "lalalala" if I hadn't been driving.  If you live up north, remember, they are little magical melting flower petals, got that?


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