Wednesday, March 24, 2010

dinner-time math

Maybe we're just a really geeky family, but dinner-time math is something both boys love.  Tonight it was about Girl Scout cookies.  We opened a box of "Thank U Berry Munch" cookies and I was a bit off put by the small package inside.  I had Bug count them by two's.  There were 15 cookies.  I asked Pook to calculate how much we'd spent per cookie, the cookies having cost $3.50.  He needed pencil and paper for this, but came up with a $.23 1/3 price tag.  Then I remembered that one of the boxes in the pantry had been brought over by a friend who donated them to us.  They'd cost us nothing, but how much had the combined cookies cost each?  Pook is just learning this type of multiplication and division, but loved figuring it out.  (Although not as much as eating the cookies!)

Pook made brownies for us from a mix last week.  Bug grated cheese for our mac-n-cheese tonight and measured out two cups for me.  There is math everywhere at dinner-time.  The more they learn about it, the more they can follow recipes to cook.  Win-win!

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  1. It is so easy to work math into daily activities. I wish I were more confident to do other projects. I'm still bucking for the throwing hotdogs to calculate pi experiment: