Wednesday, September 23, 2009

off kilter

I'm sure it all started with the school cancellation yesterday. Monday afternoon I put notes with each backpack "Child X will be tardy to school Wednesday.  He has a morning dentist appointment."  This morning, I remembered the appointment, reminded the kids they needed to brush extra carefully and all that.  Then, just twenty minutes before we needed to leave, I realized that I was sitting, relaxed, at the kitchen table in boxers and an XL t-shirt.  Only.  I hadn't showered, let alone brushed my hair or teeth or even looked in the direction of makeup.  Yikes!  I dashed upstairs to dress and clean up as much as I could.  I even remembered my glasses and a magazine before hurrying the boys out the door.  (Recently I've been remembering a book/magazine when I have an appointment and forgetting the glasses.  This is mattering more and more.)  We walked into the office on-the-dot on time and both boys were quickly escorted to the back.  I sat down, dug out the glasses and found my magazine. The receptionist had paperwork for me to review and by the time I was done, one of the two hygienists had come for me already.  Bug's teeth were shiny and clean with no problems.  Pook got the same clean bill of health a few minutes later.  It all moved so quickly I felt rushed.  I was still holding my glasses and hadn't put them back in the case. Nevertheless, they missed less than an hour of school.

Since I was already at the school, I stayed to count out the reminders about School Pictures to go in each teacher's mailbox to send home.  I was one class short and had to make copies of the colored postcard.  And then copies for administrators.  And then went back to the copier to make extra copies to leave in the office. 

Finally I emerged.  My usual Wednesday is a strict routine.  I head to the Farmer's Market and then the grocery.  After leaving the school, I headed up to the Farmer's Market.  There were many booths, but only one with a tiny bit of produce today.  Most crops were destroyed by our recent flooding.  I bought mustard greens to support the guy who came.  I've never cooked them before, but we'll check them out.  The sausage guy had some great new samples, so I bought some breakfast sausage too.  Gotta support the independent producers!  Problem was, it needed to be refrigerated or frozen.  So, I headed home instead of to the grocery. 

That is never a good idea.  Break the routine and everything intrudes.  I started a load of laundry (the white sheets and the red blanket from last night's wet bed won't mind being washed together, right?) and answered some urgent email.  Suddenly an hour had passed.  I went back to the car and drove to the grocery.  Couldn't find the list.  Sat in the car trying to recreate it.  Found it in my pocket after two aisles of shopping.  As I was checking out and realizing that I'd hardly bought anything and would probably be back in a few days, a dad rushed into the store with two young, pigtailed girls, both wearing masks over their faces. Two bottles of Gatorade later, he rushed them back out.  I reminded myself, it could be worse.  Just before arriving home, the gas light came on in the car.  I came home anyway.  I have to go back out to buy some combs to have available during tomorrow's picture day.

The rest of the day leaves small gaps of time between school pick up, post chess club pick up, homework, piano practice, dinner at our church and a class at the church.  At some point I hope to shower. 


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